As you know,
water restrictions
are upon us.

We Value Our Customers

Here at Waterwise Concepts, we value your business, and we are here to support you during this water shortage.
The City of San Diego is strongly urging residents to further reduce their outdoor water usage. With the state mandate that the City of San Diego reduce its water usage by a collective 16%, the quickest and most effective way to achieve this reduction is through reducing outdoor irrigation.

We can remove all turf and replace with Faux Turf or drought-tolerant shrubs combined with dry river beds, rock gardens, or DG gardens. The native plants for these applications are amazing.

We can mulch all planter beds which can reduce water loss or evapotranspiration (ET) by 25%. This is a major economical benefit.

We can re-nozzle all bedding plants, turf, and color to low flow rotors. This is a recommendation by the Metropolitan Water District and the City of San Diego.

We can raise the deck on mowers and let grass grow to 3″ in height to better retain moisture

Let us handle
your water use

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